Long Term Care


Long Term Care

You work hard to accumulate assets. How will you protect them if you need long term care? Are you prepared to pay the average costs of:

Home Health Care: $280.00 per day = $102,000 per year

Assisted Living: $125.00 per day = $45,000 per year

Adult Day Care: $75.00 per day = $27,300 per year

Nursing Home: $210.00 per day = $76,600 per year

Are you prepared to pay these expenses for long terms such as 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, or longer?

Health insurance and medical care were not designed for and do not cover these long term costs.


  • 85% of long term care is provided at home and not in a nursing home.
  • 40% of people needing long term care are ages 16-66 due to accidents, MS, and brain tumors.
  • The odds of needing long term care is greater than 50%, much higher than losing a house by fire. Yet we insure our homes.
  • The life span of an Alzheimer's patient is an average of 8 years, but can be as many as 20 years!
  • Let me show you how a long term care policy can provide you with the dollars to help you keep your independence, protect your family, and protect those assets you worked so hard to accumulate.

    When you purchase long term care insurance, it's not just for you, it's for your whole family.

    A complete financial plan requires planning for long term care.


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